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Ask the Internet

Because Strangers Know Best

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It seems like once you filter out the self-pitying, boring updates on daily routines, and extreme close-up webcam captures of eyeballs, there isn't much left to LiveJournal except for pleas for advice.

But, it's hard to ask for anonymous advice in your own LiveJournal. All of your friends know exactly what you're talking about. Besides, the responses are going to be mostly limited to those already on your friend's list. Wouldn't it be more fun to have a bunch of complete strangers discuss your most intimate of problems and give you flippant suggestions for how to solve them?

Of course it would.

And that's what Ask the Internet is all about.

The Rules:

  • To ask a question, leave an anonymous comment with your problem. The comment will be screened, so no one but the community moderators will see it. A new question will be chosen each day and an entry opened for members to discuss how to solve the problem.
  • A chosen question will be presented without identifying information. All responses are to be given as comments to the entry with the current day's question.
  • Don't ask for medical or legal advice. Likewise, don't offer it.
  • Giving illegal suggestions is grounds for banning from the community.